Shiremoor Voice

Meet our Shiremoor Voice Representatives

Our representatives are selected by their classmates during our election process at the start of the academic year. They have weekly meetings with Mrs Peart to discuss various issues. They act as the voice for all children and regularly put suggestions forward for the attention of Mrs Middleton.

Shiremoor Voice Minutes 2019 – 2020


11th September 2019

– Discussed meeting times and responsibilities of council members.

– Discussed Chairperson and their role and responsibilities.

– Developed ideas about new school Respect award and how to evidence ways to incorporate respect of self, respect of others, respect of community/environment.

– Children to come to next meeting with ideas for charity to support this year.

18th September 2019

– Considered the attributes of anti-bullying ambassadors and gave out application forms.

– Discussed food bank donations for Harvest assemblies/the month of October.

– Council members made suggestions for charity to support across the year.

– Discussed the possibility of a family litter pick around the local community/Beach clean up.

25th September 2019

– Created Bay food bank letter – looked at email to see what specific food to put on the letter.

– Consulted about possible dates for Community litter pick (November?) and Beach litter pick (May/June?)

– Need to email council about the use of their litter pickers.

– Lunchtime awards ordered.

– Year 6 delegates – discussed how Shiremoor Voice nominations are given

2nd October 2019

– Signed ‘Bring it to the Food-bank’ letter.

– Read and discussed the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors application forms.

– As a council we decided upon the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for this year.

9th October 2019

– Discussed creating a ‘Shiremoor Voice’ twitter page to ensure our priorities are visible to all children and parents.

– Confirmed points for new ‘Respect Award’ before giving finalised suggestions to Mrs Middleton.

– Community Litter Pick – need to contact local council to enquire if they can provide us with litter pickers/gloves/bin bags.





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