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Meet our Shiremoor Voice Representatives


Our representatives are selected by their classmates during our election process at the start of the academic year. They have weekly meetings with Mrs Peart to discuss various issues. They act as the voice for all children and regularly put suggestions forward for the attention of Mrs Middleton.

Shiremoor Voice Minutes 2018 – 2019

6th September 2018

Introductions and congratulations.
Revision of expectations.
Meeting times and responsibilities.

13th September 2018

Role of Anti-Bullying Ambassador.
Application launch for chn to carry out in class.

20th September 2018

Shortlisting of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

27th September 2018

Sharing of Action Plan – priorities set.
Chn to consider charities to sponsor

5th November 2018

Collected in answers about the top 10 reasons Shiremoor P.S is great.
Discussed as a council the reasons given.
Made a top 10 list that we all agreed on.

28th November 2018

We discussed the Ofsted pupil questionnaire questions and how they related to our school.
Completed the questionnaire as a council.

21st November 2018

Discussed the school yard
What we liked and how we felt it could improve.
Gave feedback to school about reminder of rules of the school yard.

14th January 2019

– Shiremoor Voice completed a Health and Safety Walk around school.

– Shiremoor Voice noticed how safe the school is, in regards to people gaining entry into school.

– Shiremoor Voice decided as a healthy school we should change birthday sweets to a birthday bookmark.

– Shiremoor Voice reported back to whole school about the need to ensure bikes and scooters are left in the correct place to ensure all fire exits

6th February 2019

– Discussed the importance of being a Healthy school

– Devised a questionnaire which was distributed across school to find out the views of the school regarding our healthy eating habits and how we could improve these habits.

13th February 2019

– Discussed results of class questionnaires

– Decided that across KS2 not enough children were bring a healthy snack to eat during the morning.

– Started to plan how to set up and run a fruit tuck shop at breaktimes.

25th February 2019

– Discussed the need for advertising around the fruit tuck shop.

– Made notes on what information is required on the advertising

– Started to make posters to go around school.

11th September 2019

– Discussed meeting times and responsibilities of council members.

– Discussed Chairperson and their role and responsibilities.

– Developed ideas about new school Respect award and how to evidence ways to incorporate respect of self, respect of others, respect of community/environment.

– Children to come to next meeting with ideas for charity to support this year.



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RT @ShireRising3s: Ellie- Mae provided today’s Gruffalo story. We especially enjoyed the puppet Gruffalo.

RT @ShireRising3s: Woodland Wednesday woodwork session.

RT @ShireRising3s: A piece of art for our outdoor gallery.

RT @ShiremoorRec: These look delicious... We are looking forward to snack time tomorrow!

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