Midday Supervisors

Miss Roberts Midday Supervisor
Miss Lockey Midday Supervisor
Mrs Purcell Midday Supervisor
Miss Barnfather KS2 Support Assistant Midday Supervisor
Miss Anderson Midday Supervisor
Mrs Buchan-Dixon Midday Supervisor
Mrs Holland KS1 Support Assistant Midday Supervisor
Mrs Leese Midday Supervisor
Mrs Kelly Midday Supervisor
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RT @ShireRising3s: We have some very poorly babies. https://t.co/mQ1UtkdpGn

RT @ShiremoorRec: Super rocket. The boys told me it is Apollo 11! https://t.co/amYjErRn6R

RT @ShireRising3s: We have developed the ramp building. https://t.co/abRVtf7Fri

RT @ShireRising3s: Competition time. We are trying to make our tyre go the furthest. https://t.co/MWSssocO1N

Currently enjoying Mr. McConville's art lesson where children are recreating techniques of colour mixing to create… https://t.co/k1mP3vwfYT